Asociación Dirigentes de Empresa (ADE)

The Asociación Dirigentes de Empresa, founded in 1942, was the first of its kind in Argentina and in Latin America.

Our Institution promotes the research, brainstorming and discussion of issues related to Economics, Management, Marketing, Strategic Design, Foreign Trade, Human Resources and Environmental Administration, among other disciplines related to the entrepreneurial activity.

We are part of a solid institutional environment, which contributes to the country’s growth and highlights the social significance of the entrepreneurial sector, promoting a space where the creation of new possibilities for human beings’ welfare takes place.

We gave birth and also sponsor the Higher Education on Commercial Science Foundation and the Entrepreneurial and Social Science University.

The task performed by our Institution in the Small and Medium Enterprises field must be stressed, for it consists in giving an answer to the problems posed by such an important area of the Economy of our country.

We are part of a non-union, entrepreneurial Institution; our members are large, medium an small-enterprise managers, who represent all main production fields of our country’s Economy.


  • To promote the concept of enterprise as an individual, social, economic, political, scientific and technological development factor.
  • To promote research and training as the most efficient tools to enhance the entrepreneurial activity on an internal basis, and its effects on the community at large.
  • To promote ethics, responsibility, and excellence as the core principles of the entrepreneurial activity.
  • To explore the main issues connected with the problems of the enterprise, their effects on society, the associations and their managers, offering them the strategic elements
    required to act efficiently.

Our Institution’s Activities are: Organization of Conventions, Seminars, Events, Courses, And Exhibitions about present issues, such as:
  • Economics
  • Institutional Relations
  • International Relations
  • Mercosur Monitoring
  • New Legislation
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Logistics
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Economics Institute for Enterprise Managers – Director: Jorge Vasconcelos.


  • To analyze the situation of national Economy
  • To discuss the different aspects of the national Economy policies
  • To analyze the economic policy instruments and their effect on national economy
  • To analyze international economic trends – To arrange meetings for discussing these issues
  • To promote the participation of foreign economists
  • To diffuse ideas and opinions referred to Economy policies among Enterprise Managers
  • To promote the use of economic instruments, the analysis process and the decisions of enterprise managers.

Arbitration and Mediation Center – Rául Aníbal Etcheverry

Basic purpose: to offer ADE’s members faster and more economical methods to solve disputes that may arise within the enterprise or in its relations with other entities. This process allows avoiding the expense of a trial at court, and offering the same outcomes as a sentence pronounced in trial courts. The idea is to allow ADE’s members to attain the main features of Arbitration and Mediation with the possibility of resourcing to them. The Center provides ADE’s members its services through a board of Arbitrators, formed by expert attorneys at law, proficient in the Family, Commercial and Corporate Law Fields.

Foreign Trade Commission – Foreign Trade’s expansion during the last years is a consequence of the creation of economic communities, reduction and elimination of fences erected around Foreign Trade, economies without boundaries and global market. From the private sector viewpoint, all these factors meant the enterprise internationalization, while on the country’s side all this was possible due to active policies on Foreign Trade. Countries carried out state policies on their external sector.

Within this frame, and with the aim of granting more and better services to their associates and to the public at large, ADE’s Board of Directors has decided to create the Foreign Trade Commission.

Basic purpose: to achieve Foreign Trade’s development and the expansion and diversity of exports, with the incorporation of products of higher aggregated value. Our mission is to grant the necessary service and support to improve the development of economic international relations, placing the stress on the SMEs.

  • To achieve, increase and diversify Argentine exports.
  • To allow SMEs participation in Foreign Trade
  • To launch the creation of Exports Consortia.
  • To build a forum of proposals, development, discussion and diffusion of issues related to foreign Trade.
  • To elaborate Foreign Trade projects.
  • To make research work.
  • To elaborate proposals to different Government areas as regards Foreign Trade.
  • To be a link between the public and the private sector.


  • Advising on and training in Foreign Trade.
  • Market reports.
  • Commercial opportunities.
  • Organization of commercial missions.
  • Business meetings.
  • Participation in international fairs.
  • Information about and advising on legal regulations.
  • Imports and exports expenses calculation.
  • Advising on Foreign Trade operative issues.
  • Maintenance of an active cooperation relationship with public and private institutions and agencies connected with the sector.
In order to achieve the established objectives, the Foreign Trade Commission has created Sub commissions to assist enterprises whenever they ask for it.


EXPORT CONSORTIA: permanent work related to training in the packaging area, extensible to Arabian countries.

ARABIAN COUNTRIES PLAN: Creation of an Argentine – Saudi Council, formed by 12 companies specialized in different areas, such as oil, laboratories, food industry. The pertinent Agreement is to be signed in June.


Since ADE is aware of the difficulties through which SMEs undergo, it broadens its action field with the goal of achieving a greater contact within its Council, presided by Gabriel J. Herrero – the SME Commission.


  • To strengthen the dialogue maintained wit the organizations acting within the sector, with the aim of contributing to the enterprise transformation through training, to organize local and international meetings, creating actual business through technical counseling and specialized services, assisting SMEs managers through the whole process, even until agreement accurs.
  • To further new undertaking, granting the latest news as regards every sector of the enterprise
  • To reach mutual agreements with peer organizations in order to enhance the associates and attendants´ situation
  • To foster the access to information (laws, executive orders, banks´ credits, etc.), which will be furthered via a database, a library and a networks of business opportunities.
Our country is undergoing certain circumstances that trigger several questions, which amount to a concern for citizens in general.

High rates of uncertainty and skepticism are registered. Disbelief in Politics, the State and institutions in general are daily expressions arising out of the people’s idiosyncrasy, which cannot find the right path.

This situation demands a positive reaction, which helps to change this reality into an alternative vision of different proposals, giving the word the proper importance of its as the main instrument in communication. Achieving the communication of positive values helping to reengineer Argentine social culture is a challenge.

In the ADE the "Institutional Communication Forum" has been created.

Other Commission:

New Members Commission
Youth Chapter Commission
Computing and Telecommunication Commission
Environmental and life Quality Commission